Coercion – Misuse of Power

Laterly there has been an abiding theme emanating from the contacts I make, the clients I speak to and the work I am doing on the subject of coercion and control.

Whilst last month the UK held anti-bullying week, we very often associate this with children or employees, but what if you are a director or a manager? Perhaps you are a board member or holding some other position of power.

Coercion is all about the lack of respect for others, the insistence on being right or riding rough-shod over others. For those victims to this behaviour, the overwhelming sense of fear surrounding decision making and consequences can render even a high level professional to show caution.

Coercion can change the ethos of an organisation and create an unhealthy work environment, constant absenteeism and develop a culture where directors, managers and staff are concerned to be autonomous, take calculated risks and engage growth activities for fear of reprisals. When any business allows coercion to remain unchecked, employees, associates and colleagues may become demoralised and the organisation may find it difficult to use its human resources effectively. Individuals at all levels may learn to work with the difficult situations and may try to adapt, constantly causing undue distress and consequentially thwarting any creativity or problem-solving activity.

Signs you may need to look at your business and address internal coercive behaviour at all levels from board level through to employee are:

  • Micro – management
  • Effective leaders being stripped of responsibilities or being moved from a department for no apparent reason
  • Managers feeling threatened by challenge and silencing criticism or transparency
  • Distortion of the truth to remove a member of staff or protect another
  • Unfounded accusations
  • Threats to demote or ‘let go’
  • Overly charming senior managers
  • Directors exuding uncharacteristically about someone and promoting them beyond their level of expertise
  • Disrespect especially in front of others, name calling, belittling or undermining

Sadly, I have listened to senior managers and directors saying:

The good news is that business coaching delivered by an empathetic advisor mixed with sound business advice and principles can help you to navigate the right path.

At D52 we understand that when you feel alone with nowhere to turn, we can be your support, offering confidential advice to help you work through your options and create a sound plan of action. We listen, guide, support understand and keep you on track, even holding your hand when the going gets tough.

The decision is yours; every goal your reach begins with the decision to start, and in this case, the goals you reach begin with the decision to stop the cycle and create a brighter future.

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