Keeping on track; Juggling priorities

Whether we like it or not we have demands on our time. whether it’s children, a pending marriage, divorce, bereavement, moving house or caring for elderly family. We might experience ill health, going on holiday, celebrating christmas, and the challenges of childcare. Add to this the concerns of staffing, turnover, suppliers, customers, directors or business partners and life becomes much more complex, indeed a juggling act.

Yet as busy business owners how do we step back and take control in order to keep our business on-track?

I know part of my journey has been to
‘Let-go’, trust the process and ONLY do what ONLY I can do. I choose to empower my staff and to trust in the business refinement process. For EVERY perceived obstacle there has been an opportunity to jump over it or smash through it, to GROW, EVOLVE and meet new people with new ideas for change.

Sticky notes on an office wall

Only 2 weeks ago i wrote a list of all the things holding ME back from growing both personally and in my business and surrendered it.

Yes, I was tested last week as to whether I truly meant it but it’s certainly made me focussed this week to be the business CHANGE FACILITATOR that I am; to empower clients to be true and authentic and to be bold in believing that anything is possible.

I have regularly held my client’s hands as they push through from some dark places, to see the magic happen.

Noone is immune from the challenge of real life trying to thwart them when the business is calling for TOTAL dedication.

Whether pushing through personal challenges or business challenges the fight to push through and keep going is where the magic happens, where you become more creative, more refined, and find ways of working smarter, we call these ‘lightbulb moments’…

I can testify to this principle and KNOW that so do many of my clients. The difference between being JUST a business owner and the person who is a game changer, a disruptor and an entrepreneur is your resolve and the belief to take advice, buckle in for the ride, be unafraid of change and allow your business to flourish.

If you want the opportunity to grow in the midst of chaos, i know that we can work through this together so do get in touch.