Laughter the key to Success?

Enjoying life is just as important as success. 

Why do I say that? 

Because through truly living we redefine ourselves and our goals and find out what really matters. I cover this subject so often with business owners who have lost their way, or individuals in employment who are fed up of the daily grind who want to start something new for themselves. Indeed in my VISION series of workshops we look at the business ...

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Keeping on track; Juggling priorities

Whether we like it or not we have demands on our time. whether it’s children, a pending marriage, divorce, bereavement, moving house or caring for elderly family. We might experience ill health, going on holiday, celebrating christmas, and the challenges of childcare. Add to this the concerns of staffing, turnover, suppliers, customers, directors or business partners and life becomes much more complex, indeed a juggling act.

Yet as busy business owners how do we step back and take control ...

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Let It Go

One of the biggest lessons I have learned this month has been that of ‘Letting go’. Ironically with Frozen 2 out now, in our cinemas, it is a lesson not just for our children; we too have to be reminded to ‘let-go’ as adults.

As a woman defined by her to-do-lists, schedules, prompts and planning, to be thwarted by outside influences has been frustrating. I am member of and attend many wonderful networks

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Coercion – Misuse of Power

Laterly there has been an abiding theme emanating from the contacts I make, the clients I speak to and the work I am doing on the subject of coercion and control.

Whilst last month the UK held anti-bullying week, we very often associate this with children or employees, but what if you are a director or a manager? Perhaps you are a board member or holding some other position of power.

Coercion is all about the lack of respect for others, the ...

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Identifying your Business Strategy Balance: The importance of goal-setting.In this short video my aim was to engage you and encourage you to think about the purpose of your business and how direction nd a robust plan tied to an ultimate goal, outcome is imperative to keep on track.For further FREE insights an videos visit my D52- Business Toolkit facebook page and join the 'Balance' group Posted by Dawn Crossingham on Friday, 11 October 2019

balance in business

Operational efficiency

Many business owners concentrate on marketing above all else, understandably because cash flow is intrinsically linked to it, however this is often to the detriment of other areas in the business. Every business needs to focus on keeping balance in the business to ensure that the foundations don’t topple

One of the least exciting but critical areas are the processes behind a business because not ...

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Are You Ephemeral?

You awake in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea, it consumes your thoughts and you have to start writing them down. The next thing you realise is that 4hrs have disappeared and it’s morning. The idea starts to gain momentum, world domination seems possible, ultimate wealth beckons and the idea starts to consume you day and night.

It is everything ...

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BREXIT or Drought?

So Why have I entitled this article BREXIT or drought? You may ask!

With the increasing focus on the effects of Brexit we must not confuse the increasing food prices JUST on Brexit; despite the inevitable increases due to import tax prices are set to rise not because of Brexit but despite BREXIT due to the Summer drought.

This year saw the driest June on record comparable with 1976 with Southern England having just six per cent of the expected rainfall and ...

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