Death of the High Street?

I’ve been contemplating all the hype about the demise of the high street and whether this is really the effects of BREXIT or just an avoidance tactic of what is really happening in the retail sector.

As a retailer in the 80’s and 90’s in largely independent shops and a few well known chains I appreciate the challenges retailers face. Now a business advisor to many in the retail sector it is clear that high street shops do face some hurdles:

Consumer fears: Fear of the unknown ...

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The dictionary definition of collaboration is “The act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something”

The most successful people in business are those who put their competitiveness aside and work with others combining their strengths with those who possess complementary skills, services and products to achieve a common goal. Being aware of one’s own abilities, be they soft skills or specialisms, and working collaboratively invariably leads to a better outcome. There is no benefit in envying another ...

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Internal Drivers

“People are only truly motivated by reaching for and satisfying the factors which represent a far deeper level of meaning and fulfilment. “Herzberg*.


Some of Hezberg’s research identifiys that people are only truly ‘happy’ in the workplace when they satisfy real motivators such as
• achievement
• recognition
• work itself
• responsibility
• advancement

However consideration also needs to be made to ensure security ...

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New Business advice

It is exciting news that 608,000 businesses were set-up during 2015, and 54,000 this March alone, (©Start-up Britain) whether due to turning a hobby into a business, having an incredible idea or finally following their dream after maybe years of procrastination.

If this is you then welcome to a new and exciting adventure.

To ensure you have the best start it would be a good idea to write a ...

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Career Transitions Workshop – Bournemouth

Career Transitions Workshop – Bournemouth

At a career crossroads?

Becoming impatient with the limits of success and achievement?

Considering whether to start up a business?

In danger of redundancy?

Periods of transition are often times of acute personal discomfort in which you may be facing the gap between your dreams and actual fulfilments. It is often a lonely time, because no one else can traverse the journey other than yourself. However the aim of this course is to start the solution process through looking at the internal ...

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“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.” – Joan of Arc

In the midst of a busy life, it is hard to take time aside to analyse career or business direction, yet allocating quality time regularly ensures that you are in control of life events, rather than events controlling you.

For many of us, we only start to look at career options when life changes and we are forced to analyse our direction when faced with redundancy, ill-health or family pressures.

How exciting therefore to be employed, happy and healthy, CHOOSING to make ...

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On my way back home on the last south west train from London, I was relaxing after a fulfilling day at work, when I was taught a lesson about career satisfaction and the importance of finding the right vocation in life.

You may think that I was taught this lesson by a fellow city traveller, such as a CEO or financier, maybe the conductor or train driver; having been in ‘the big smoke’ I could even have learned from a receptionist, ...

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